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Heat Things Up With Blue Flame Swordsman!

October 9th, 2013

Joey Wheeler’s Blue Flame Swordsman finally leaps off the TV screen and onto the table, in Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World.  While Joey used Blue Flame Swordsman to combo with his regular Flame Swordsman, the real-world version can do that and so much more.  Check it out!

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Monday Night Matchup: Blackwings VS LIGHT Gemini Beatdown

November 1st, 2010

Back in September, some Duelists had written off Blackwings as a competitive force. With Black Whirlwind Limited, people were taking a very pessimistic stance on the Deck’s chances to thrive. They were wrong. Duelists who were clever enough to see that Delta Crow – Anti Reverse along with Pot of Duality and Cards for Black Feathers paved the way for Blackwings to take two of the top 4 spots in YCS San Jose, as well as two top 8 placements in YCS Philadelphia.

LIGHT Gemini Beatdown has only recently become a huge hit, starting with a Top 16 appearance at YCS Toronto, and then later with a victory at YCS San Jose. While both versions had their own creative stance, they both retained the same basic strategy. With the ability to completely shut down the opponent with cards like Solemn Warning and Thunder King Rai-Oh and then defeat their opponent with very high ATK monsters, LIGHT Gemini Beatdown can cause an unprepared Duelist a pretty big headache.

But what happens when these two Decks meet? Find out in this week’s Monday Night Matchup!
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Monday Night Matchup: LIGHT Gemini Beatdown VS Plant Synchro

October 18th, 2010

Welcome back to Monday Night Matchups! Tonight we pit the 2 most recent YCS-winning Decks against each other with tips for Duelists on both sides of the table on how to emerge victorious.  LIGHT Gemini Beatdown and Plant Synchro are both slower-paced strategies than those we’ve become accustomed to so far on the YCS scene, but each Deck has its own unique and powerful combos that can take down opponents one by one until they have to face off against each other! Tonight we’ll explain how each Deck works, and give you tips for both sides of the matchup, so that no matter what side you’re on, you’ll know what to do.

2 Championship winning Decks, but only 1 can win when they come head to head!

2 Championship winning Decks, but only 1 can win when they come head to head!

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Supervise Combos Part 2

February 8th, 2010

Yesterday we looked at a 2 card combo that lets you swarm the field with over 8000 ATK. Today’s combo with “Supervise” is different. It won’t always guarantee you an instant victory, but you don’t need to have “Swing of Memories” in your hand to do it. If you’re lucky, you’ll still be able to win the game in 1 turn!

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Supervise Combos Part 1

February 5th, 2010

 “Supervise” is an Equip Spell Card from the Warriors’ Strike Structure Deck that can be equipped to any Gemini Monster. The monster it’s equipped to gains its special effect. When “Supervise” is sent face-up from the field to the Graveyard, you can also Special Summon any Normal Monster from your Graveyard. That’s a lot of power in just one Equip Spell Card! There are a lot of awesome combos involving “Supervise” too. Here’s one of the best!


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