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When am I allowed to activate stuff?

December 4th, 2012

There are many times in a Duel where both you and your opponent will want to play a card or use an effect or two after something happens. In situations like that, you don’t just throw down your cards as fast as possible to try to activate them before the other person, and you don’t hold a shouting match to determine who gets to use their monster effect first. No, there’s a specific set of rules that exist to tell you who can activate an effect, and when! And you can find them right here on our website!

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Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match

November 29th, 2012

You’ve seen them being played at YCS events, but how exactly do they work? We’ve got the complete guide to what happens when they resolve, and what you can and can’t do while they’re active on the Complex Card Information section of the main site, here!

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Get Equipped, with the Vylons!

January 24th, 2012

Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion has 6 unique groups of monsters for Duelists to use, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Storm of Ragnarok gave you a sneak peek at one of them: the Vylons, a group of LIGHT monsters that revolve around using Equip Spell Cards to create monsters with huge ATK. Read on to learn about Equip Spell Cards and how the Vylons use them to devastate their opponents.

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