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Starter Decks Saber Force and Dark Legion are here!

June 1st, 2015

Are you looking to learn how to Duel for real, or to teach someone you know how to play? If so, check out Starter Deck Saber Force and Starter Deck Dark Legion! These two Starter Decks are specially made to cater to Duelists who are just starting out or learning how to play. They contain lots of easy-to-understand monsters, Spells, and Traps, with a focus on the basic foundation of Dueling: Summoning monsters and battling with them! These two Decks are designed to be played against each other. Dark Legion focuses on overpowering your enemies through strength in numbers, a strategy embodied by its ace monster, D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon, while Saber Force focuses on outlasting your opponent’s assault and making precision strikes with its ace monster Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon!

These two Starter Decks are available now!