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Giant Robot Synchro Monster

January 14th, 2014

An eye catching title, wouldn’t you agree? And even better, today’s Legacy of the Valiant preview card can fit in to any Extra Deck! Take a look at the World Premiere card Powered Inzektron! Read more…

Why is everyone talking about Gear Gigant X?

December 10th, 2013

You may have heard some murmurs about Gear Gigant X being back in a big way over the past week, and it’s true! Samuel Pedigo took first place at the 125th YCS in Turin using his Geargia Deck, powered by everyone’s favourite shades-wearing giant robot Xyz Monster! Here’s why it’s so darn good.
Shademan Read more…

Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei”

September 5th, 2013

This year’s first wave of Collectible Tins has been released, and one of the promos this time around is the Level 7 Machine-Type Synchro Monster that can change monster’s battle positions on the fly. Originally from Starstrike Blast, this monster has made regular appearances in huge tournaments over the last few years, most recently last weekend at YCS Toronto, and it’s one of my personal favourite monsters too. It’s Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei”!

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LTGY Preview: Mecha Phantom Beasts are GO!!

May 3rd, 2013

Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy’s Mecha Phantom Beasts are an entire air wing of bestiomorphic warplanes outfitted with super-futuristic recon technology. They’re all WIND Machine monsters, and they all work with a Duelist-favorite mechanic that’s never had any real time in the spotlight: Tokens! Sure, there have been Decks built around using one specific Token generating card as many times as humanly possible, but there has never been an entire monster theme that’s all about Tokens. Until now!

L4BL3BDaPlane Read more…

Gear Up for Geargia!

August 7th, 2012

Return of the Duelist is fast approaching, so here’s a first look at one of the new Decks you’ll be able to build this August: Geargia! The Geargia cards are all based around teamwork and Xyz Summoning, but you can also use them with your favourite Machine monsters from throughout the history of Dueling. Just like how you can use Prophecy monsters and Spellbooks in all kinds of Spellcaster Decks, you can use the Geargia and their Xyz Monster, Gear Gigant X, in any kind of Machine Deck! Read more…

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