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Maximum Crisis is Available Now!

May 5th, 2017

The last 100-card booster set of the 2016-2017 Dueling season is here! Maximum Crisis turns everything on its head, introducing incredible new strategies along with a number of excellent cards that aren’t tied down to any one strategy. All of these cards are tournament legal starting TODAY, so it’s best to be prepared!

Maximum Crisis: Xyz Monsters Anyone Can Use!

April 25th, 2017

Maximum Crisis may have some great cards for themes old and new, but Duelists often keep an eye out for cards they can use in any of their Decks. Today, we’re featuring 2 new Xyz Monsters, an all-new Rank 4 and a Rank 1 Xyz Monster, which give you easy ways to destroy your opponent’s Spells and Traps and gain access to your own! Read more…

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Maximum Crisis: One Big Swing

April 24th, 2017

The Duelist Alliance booster set revolutionized the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME by introducing Pendulum Monsters and Pendulum Summoning. Now – nearly three years after the release of the Duelist Alliance booster set – the Duelist Alliance Spell Card is about to be released in Maximum Crisis, enhancing strategies built around Pendulum Summoning. Read more…

Maximum Crisis: The Draconflict Escalates!

April 24th, 2017

Yesterday we showed you the stunning support cards that serve the True Draco theme with search effects and Special Summons.  Today we’re going to show you the payoff: three awesome boss monsters, a new addition to the True King ranks, a killer recruiter, and one of the best Field Spells ever printed. Read more…

Maximum Crisis: The True Dracos Arrive!

April 24th, 2017

Maximum Crisis unleashes one of the most anticipated themes of all time: the True Dracos! Read more…