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Problem-Solving Card Text, Part 7: 2012 Update – Conjunction Functions

December 12th, 2012

Over a year has passed since we started adding a ton more details to your Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards, to make your games smoother than ever. Problem-solving card text (PSCT) has put more information at your fingertips, right on the cards where it belongs.

But PSCT is an evolving beast. We’ve incorporated more improvements over the last year, and will be rolling out some more in the next few months. You might have noticed some of these new phrases on your cards already, but if you haven’t, don’t worry. The beauty of PSCT is that it’s inconspicuous. It’s there if you need it, but most of the time for casual Duels you can just play free-form, and only look at the text specifics when you need to resolve a complex card interaction.

Today, we’re going to start going over some important updates to PSCT that you should take some time to digest over the holiday season. It’s also a good time to review the previous PSCT articles HERE.


Conjunction – What’s Your Function?

Four key conjunctive words and phrases are used on card text, each with a specific meaning:

*And if you do
*And Read more…

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New Advanced Rules Section on – MUST READ!

April 25th, 2012

We’ve added a new rules section to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME web site!

The Advanced Rules Information section is accessible by clicking GAMEPLAY on the left-hand side, or from the GAMEPLAY drop-down menu.

Our first two items are already posted there, and over coming weeks and months we will be adding more information to help clear up some of the questions you might have about how the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG works.

. Read more…

Problem-Solving Card Text, Part 6: Finding Clues in TU6 & GENF

August 8th, 2011

Starter Deck: Dawn of the Xyz contained the first Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards to have the new Problem-Solving Card Text. Now that Generation Force and Turbo Pack 6 are out, you’ll be seeing a lot more cards with this newer text.

You can get a LOT of useful information out of what’s written on these cards, so I wanted to go through a few more examples and point out some helpful tidbits. I’ll underline the important part of each card’s text.

(If you haven’t read them yet, be sure to read my previous 5 articles about how to read your new card text!)

Let’s start with Turbo Pack 6. The most important change here is to Stardust Dragon: Read more…

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Problem-Solving Card Text, Part 5: Special Summons

July 27th, 2011

(Important! This article is part of a series. You can find the other articles in the series by clicking here.)

Special Summons are one of the most important and exciting parts of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. But sometimes the sheer number of ways to Summon can get a little confusing.

The good news is that the new Problem-Solving Card Text makes Special Summons a lot easier to understand. Read more…

Problem-Solving Card Text, Part 4: The Clues on Your Cards

June 1st, 2011

(Important! This article goes with today’s other article on Conditions, Activation, and Effects. If you haven’t read it yet, do that now and then come back to this one. You’ll also want to read the first two articles, about the New Card Text and New Words & Phrases.)

We’ve covered how new text will be written using a colon and semicolon to clearly separate activation conditions from activation timing from effects.

Now I’m going to show you some advantages of the new text. Read more…