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ABYR Preview: The Future of Winning

October 30th, 2012

More cards means more ways to win!  Geargia Duelists have been tearing up tournaments over the past few months on the back of the card-grabbing powerhouses Geargiarmor and Gear Gigant X, but Abyss Rising brings some awesome draw power to Spellcaster strategies that might even put them to shame.  Behold The Grand Spellbook Tower!


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4 Cool ‘Caster Combos!

September 17th, 2012

It’s been about 3 weeks since the release of Return of the Duelist, and I hope everyone has been having fun with all the new cards! The last few weeks of Dueling have been pretty interesting. At YCS Toronto, we saw two extremely successful Decks in the Top 4 that were built by combining new Return of the Duelist cards with older cards. There was a Geargia Deck that used Geargiarmor, Geargiaccelerator, Geargiarsenal, and Gear Gigant X along with Machina Gearframe, Machina Peacekeeper, and Machina Fortress. And the very cool second place Deck combined Grandsoil the Elemental Lord with EARTH Psychic monsters from Extreme Victory, Crossroads of Chaos, and The Duelist Genesis.

I mentioned way back in August that the Prophecy monsters and Spellbook cards can work with all Spellcaster-based strategies, and in light of the recent success of Duelists who are combining Return of the Duelist cards with their old favorites, I thought I’d share some cool combos you can do by combining Return of the Duelist cards with some of my old favorites! Read more…


August 4th, 2012

Whether you want to build a Deck with Prophecy monsters, enhance the Spellcaster Deck you have right now, or finally start slinging Spells with that Dark Magician Deck you’ve always wanted to build, you’re going to want to include some “Spellbook” Spell Cards in your Deck.  After all, if you’ve got the secrets to gaining overwhelming power, infinite wisdom, and eternal life in your hands, why wouldn’t you share them with your favorite magical buddy?

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The Prophecy Foretold

July 30th, 2012

It’s one thing to be able to see the future. It’s another entirely to be able to see an unfavorable future, then smash it to bits and replace it with a new one where you reign victorious. The Prophecy Spellcasters that headline Return of the Duelist have the first one down pat, but they’ll also need the power of the Spellbooks and your own Dueling expertise to ensure that your Dueling future becomes a winning future!

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