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Secrets of Eternity: A Space Odyssey

January 14th, 2015

The Qliphort menace spreads in Secrets Of Eternity, which launches this Friday! While Qliphort Scout became one of the most feared cards of 2014, anchoring the Qliphort Pendulum Scale at 9 and searching a free card every turn, Qliphort Monolith completes the deadly diptych; a Scale 1 Pendulum Monster that rivals the power of Scout.


The Qliphort strategy’s all about amassing a growing armada in your Extra Deck. Since Pendulum Monsters are sent there when they’d normally go from the field to the Graveyard, each destroyed, Tuned, or Tributed Qliphort just comes back. With Qliphort Scout searching a card every turn, the pressure mounts fast. But Qliphort Monolith takes that strategy to new heights… Read more…

Secrets of Eternity:

January 8th, 2015

Advance the Qliphort Armada!

October 28th, 2014

In just a few days, the Dueling world will get its first taste of the Qliphorts – Pendulum Monsters that adjust their ATK and Level and reward you for Tribute Summoning, kind of like Beast King Barbaros or Fusilier Dragon the Dual-Mode Beast.

Last time around we showed you how to create the perfect set-up for the Qliphort strategy: searching out and activating Qliphort Scout and Performapal Trampolynx, searching your Qliphort cards with the Scout’s effect, and then repeatedly Pendulum Summoning monsters from your hand and Extra Deck to use them for Tribute Summons.

Today we’ll complete the picture, as we discuss the “Qli” cards you’ll want to Tribute; the monsters you’ll want to Tribute them for; and some off-theme cards that fill special roles when you play them with Qliphorts! Read more…

Pendulum Power! Qliphort Assembly Engine

October 28th, 2014

The Qliphorts are like nothing you’ve ever played before. Debuting in The New Challengers, the Qliphort theme’s all about setting up Pendulum Summons, then leveraging them into swarming attacks and big Tribute Summons. Many Qliphorts give you special bonuses when you Tribute Summon them, or Tribute them for a Summon –since all but one of the Qliphorts are Pendulum Monsters they go right back to your Extra Deck when you Tribute them off. Since you can Pendulum Summon monsters from your Extra Deck, you can keep Tributing the same Qliphorts over and over.

Yes! You heard that right: nearly all the “Qliphort” monsters are Pendulum Monsters! That makes it really easy to load up your Pendulum Zones, because instead of hunting around looking for two specific cards, you can use almost any pair of Qliphorts. Read more…