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Basic Infernoid Deck Construction

May 19th, 2015

Now that you know the basics of how Infernoids work, how do you apply that to building an Infernoid Deck? Check out our video guide to the basics of building and Infernoid Deck!

Infernoids: How Do They Work?

May 19th, 2015

When the Infernoids debuted in Secrets of Eternity, they hit the scene with seven monsters ranging from Level 2 to Level 10. That’s a big lineup, but with one Infernoid at each Level, Infernoids at Level 1, Level 6, and Level 9 were all conspicuously missing. If you’re not familiar with Infernoids here’s a quick crash course: Read more…

Return of the Bling: Rocket Pack Jack and His Little Dog Too

March 17th, 2015

If you’ve been keeping track of the new Premium Gold: Return of the Bling cards so far, you might have noticed an interesting trend: most of them either send cards to the Graveyard or want to be in the Graveyard. Absolute King Back Jack and Pero Pero Cerperus fit that trend to a “T” and add a lot of value to a Deck that we really haven’t talked about yet on the Strategy Site: Infernoids.

BackJack-DoItAgain Read more…

The Advance Forces

February 4th, 2015

The Secret Forces are still a week away, but the Nekroz are already here! Secrets of Eternity introduces Nekroz of Gungnir, a new, Ritual-tastic spin on Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, and one of the most powerful Ritual Spells to date!

Gungnir2 Read more…

Secrets of Eternity: Light Up The Night!

January 23rd, 2015

Secrets of Eternity has been legal for nearly a week now. I’m sure many of you out there already have a favorite card or two from the set that you’re trying to work into your current Deck, or even build a brand new Deck around! In general, each new card falls into one of those categories: a card that goes in Decks that already exist, or a card that becomes part of a brand new Deck. But sometimes, you get a card that does both, and all kinds of cool stuff becomes possible.

Diamond Read more…