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Pot of Dichotomy

October 25th, 2013

Options win Duels; the more options you have, the easier it is to outplay your opponent.  The more cards you see the faster you’ll put together your combos and your key moves, so anything that lets you draw cards or search your Deck can be really powerful.  Two of the top strategies today are defined by their draw and search power: Dragon Rulers have built-in search effects and powerful draw Spells, stuff like Cards of Consonance and Sacred Sword of Seven Stars.  Spellbooks have the incredible search power of Spellbook of Secrets and Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, and rake in an extra draw every turn thanks to The Grand Spellbook Tower.

And now Shadow Specters evens the odds!  Pot of Dichotomy’s a powerful draw spell, not for Dragons or Spellcasters but for the other guys –themes that run all sorts of monster Types, or even non-themed strategies you came up with on your own.  Check it out! Read more…

Judgment of the Light Preview: When That Xyz Monster Absolutely, Positively Needs to Go Away Right Now, No Questions Asked

July 26th, 2013

Ever since the release of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, we’ve watched Compulsory Evacuation Device become more and more popular.  It’s a one-shot answer to Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, and Number 11: Big Eye, bouncing each monster before it can use its effects to do horrible things to your cards.  Because Compulsory’s a Spell Speed 2 card, you can play it to beat everything from Maestroke the Symphony Djinn to Gagaga Cowboy, outspeeding their abilities and getting them off the field before they can do their jobs.

The problem?  Well, there are actually three.  First, Compulsory’s a Trap Card, which means you have to Set it for a turn before you can use it.  If your opponent’s already got a big Xyz Monster on the field and you set Compulsory, then activate it next turn, they still have a chance to Summon another big Xyz Monster while you get no chance for an attack.  Trap cards are a little slow like that.  In addition, Solemn Judgment is still hugely popular and it can easily negate Compulsory when you’re relying on it to save you. And you can’t forget about Infestation Pandemic making it nearly impossible to get the Evilswarm Ophion that’s debilitating your Deck off the field. Such scenarios usually end in losses. Finally, Number Hunters is now legal, and Number 74: Master of Blades will manhandle your chances of winning if you try to hit him with Compulsory.

With those thoughts in mind, check out today’s World Premiere debut from Judgment of the LightXyz Encore.

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Freeze Frame

May 2nd, 2012

Sometimes simple cards are the most effective. Night Beam is an easy-to-use Spell Card that destroys a face-down Spell or Trap Card every time it’s used.

Seek and Destroy

Seek and Destroy

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