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The Secret Forces is available now!

February 13th, 2015

The Secret Forces launches today, and this weekend will be the first time that Nekroz, Ritual Beast Tamers, and Yosenju will make their mark on Dueling!

The Mighty Mayosenju Daibak!

February 13th, 2015

Last time around we recapped the two Yosenju monsters that led the charge in Secrets of Eternity, and introduced you to three new Level 4 Beast-Warrior Yosenjus from Secret Forces! We also revealed Yosen Training Ground, a powerful Continuous Spell that boosts all of your Yosenju by 300 ATK, and adds “Yosenju” cards from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand.

We talked about how the search effects of Yosen Training Ground and Yosenju Kama 3 could help you by searching out “Yosenju” Pendulum Monsters, so today we’ll show you what those monsters are, and what makes them so good.

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The Spiritual Successors to Spirits!

February 12th, 2015

Secrets of Eternity debuted two monsters from a mysterious new tribe – Yosenju Tsujik at Level 4, and Yosenju Magat at Level 6.

Tsujik works a lot like Honest or Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow: when one of your Yosenju battles another monster, you can discard it from your hand to boost your battling Yosenju by 1000 ATK. Or, when Tsujik’s on the field you can target a Yosenju to buff it by 1000 Attack Points that way. Yosenju Magat is a Level 6 Tribute Monster, but when you Normal Summon it, you get to Special Summon another Yosenju with a different name from your Deck.


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February 10th, 2015

Ritual Beasts are the latest group of cards that use Fusion Monsters as their boss monsters! But unlike most Fusion Monsters, Ritual Beast Fusion Monsters don’t require you to use Polymerization or a pseudo-Polymerization to Summon them. Like the Gladiator Beast Fusion Monsters that dominated the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME many years ago, Ritual Beast Fusions simply require that you to control the Fusion Materials on your field in order to Summon them. That makes Ritual Beasts a versatile theme that’s fun to play and easy to learn. Read more…

Pre-Game Rituals

February 6th, 2015

The Nekroz Ritual Monsters have effects that can be used in the hand and on the field, which gives them a lot of versatility and combo potential. In addition, they have 3 different Ritual Spells with which to Ritual Summon their monsters, and while they’re all very powerful, they all function slightly differently. Today we’ll discuss those Spell Cards and learn how to make the most of each of them! Read more…