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Infernity: The Comeback King?

March 7th, 2011

Infernity Decks are one of the most dangerous Decks to play against. An Infernity Duelist can go from controlling no cards on the field and having no cards in their hand to winning the Duel off of a single draw. Infernity Decks were very widely used before Infernity Launcher became Limited, and gradually dwindled in popularity ever since.

Because Infernity Launcher is still Limited on the March 2011 Forbidden & Limited List, lots of Duelists are still overlooking Infernities as a potential contender in upcoming tournaments. However, there are some subtle changes in the new Forbidden & Limited List that make them even better than they were in the past 6 months.

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Pot of Duality + Cards for Black Feathers = Black(wings) is Back

October 7th, 2010

Blackwing Decks had to make some big changes when the new Forbidden & Limited Cards List went into effect on September 1st. Two of the top cards in Blackwing Decks, Black Whirlwind and Royal Oppression were Limited, cutting down the number Blackwing Duelists could use. These changes left a lot of Blackwing Duelists wondering if their Decks would still work in competitive tournaments, and thanks to Cards for Black Feathers and Pot of Duality, they will.

Draw more, win more.

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Infernity: The Long Game

September 23rd, 2010

Infernities were one of the Decks most affected by the new Forbidden and Limited List.  This past Summer, they wielded one of the most feared One-Turn K.O. strategies of all time. It was a Deck focused on Special Summoning Infernity Archfiend to search out Infernity Launcher, Synchro Summoning with the Archfiend, and then using Launcher to bring it back.  Archfiend would then get another Launcher, and the cycle continued until the Infernity Duelist had enough monsters to attack and win, usually in just 1 turn.

But now Infernity Launcher is Limited, and that OTK is impossible.  Some Duelists thought that would be the end of the Infernity strategy, but several Infernity Decks made Top 16 at YCS Toronto.  Make no mistake: Infernities are still alive and winning.  But they’ve had to adapt, and while their success once relied on super-fast wins, they’re now all about the long game.  With some of the best Trap Cards ever printed and Archfiend to search them out, Infernities are now a deadly control Deck.

These cards are more important to the Infernity Deck than ever before.

These cards are more important to the Infernity Deck than ever before.

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Trust Guardian

June 30th, 2010

Once 2 or more monsters are Tuned together, they vanish to the Graveyard and leave a Synchro Monster in their place. But Trust Guardian is different than other Tuners. Trust Guardian doesn’t just Summon a monster from your Extra Deck – it also protects that monster.

 "Chill out guys, I got this."


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The Shining Darkness Blackwings

June 25th, 2010

Blackwings battle on with new cards from The Shining Darkness! Lots of Decks got new cards from The Shining Darkness, and while X-Sabers and Infernities have made the biggest splash so far at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournaments, Blackwings sneaking higher and higher into the rankings. Check out all the new cards you have to choose from for your Blackwing Deck!

 For some reason every time I look at this picture, I hear the sound of vuvuzelas.

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