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2011 North American WCQ tagged with 'Satellite News'

Dragon Duel: Honorable Kyle Kukulka vs. 31st Century Brandon Miotke

July 17th, 2011

13-year-old Brandon Miotke lost in the finals of last year’s WCQ Dragon Duel Championship, and now he traveled here from Michigan for a second and final shot at the title. But to earn it, he’ll first need to get through 10-year-old Kyle Kukulka from Illinois! This Round 5 Dragon Duel Feature Match pits Brandon Miotke’s T.G. Deck against Kyle Kukulka’s Samurais! One of these Duelists will advance to the next round with a 5-0 record and strong shot at making the Top 4 cut!

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Round 5 Top Table Update

July 16th, 2011

With 9 Rounds of Swiss competition to be played today, we have hit the halfway mark!  It is Round 5 here in Day 1 of the North American WCQ, and it’s a great time to look at what Decks are at the top tables right now.  The WCQ is a remarkable event, but in some ways it’s just like any other tournament: as the tournament progresses round by round, the Duelists with the best records – the most wins – are sorted towards the lower table numbers.  The lower the numbers go, the better the performance of the Duelists seated there: Table 1 is the most coveted position in a competition like this one.  So let’s look at the first 10 Tables, and see what those Duelists are playing!

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