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2013/7 – Chicago, Illinois tagged with 'Karakuri'

Round 2 Feature Match: Desmond “Karakuri King” Johnson Versus Travis Smith

July 13th, 2013

Earlier this year, Desmond Johnson brought Karakuris back into the competitive fold by making Top 4 at YCS Miami with a version that relied on Emergency Teleport to make Synchro Summons – Teleport Karakuri.  Johnson would go on to top Regionals and other notable tournaments with different versions of the Karakuri strategy as the year continued, singlehandedly popularizing the clockwork wonders.

But today fate’s thrown the Karakuri King a curveball!  Here in Round 2, Johnson’s opponent is Travis Smith – the same man who defeated Johnson in the Top 4 of YCS Miami, ending his run in that event.  Now it’s time for a re-match!  Johnson is playing Teleport Karakuri with some new tech, while Smith is playing Prophecy.

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