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2014 South American WCQ tagged with 'Dragon Duel'

DD WCQ – CA: Standings after Round 2

July 5th, 2014

Here are the standings after Round 2 of the Central American Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier:

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And the new South American Dragon Duel Champion is…

June 29th, 2014

Joaquin Fernando Leites from Argentina!  And in second place is Mijail Stephano Flores Barboza!

Dragon Duel Winner

And in 3rd place is Fortun Escobar, Javier (Bolivia – Constellar) and in 4th place is Hernandez Macias, Carlos Alberto (Ecuador – Madolche-Hand).

Dragon Duel Top 4

Joaquin – we will see you in Rimini in August!

This concludes the first of our WCQ’s in the Americas.  Next week, Michael Kohanim will be on-site so be sure to check in for the Central American WCQ!

Top Cut for the South American Dragon Duel WCQ

June 28th, 2014

Here are the gifted 8 that will be vying for a spot at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragon Duel World Championship tomorrow. One of these Duelists (plus guardian) will be making their way to Rimini, Italy in August! We’ll see you back here tomorrow!

After the standings, in 8th place is Javier Fortun from Potosi, Bolivia with his Constellar Deck.


In 7th is Anko Gonzalez from Santiago, Chile also playing his Constellar Deck.


In 6th is Jorge Torres from Lima, Peru with his Chaos Dragon Deck.


Claudio Acosta is in 5th place, from Santiago, Chile with his Exodia Deck.


In 4th is Mijail Flores, back again for his second try at the title World Champion after his debut at the World Championship in Las Vegas last year. This year, Mijail from Lima, Peru, came with his Geargia-Hand Deck.


In 3rd place is Carlos Hernandez from Manta, Ecuador, playing his Madolche-Hand Deck.


In 2nd is Joaquin Leites playing his Bujin Deck. Joaquin is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


And in 1st place after Round 5 is Santiago native, Julian Diaz with his Geargia-Karakuri Deck.


We’ll see you all back here tomorrow!