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2016 South American WCQ tagged with 'Deck Breakdown!'

SA WCQ: The Top 64 Metagame Breakdown

June 19th, 2016

The Top 64 field here at the South American WCQ is pretty different from what we saw last week at the Central American WCQ.  Sure enough, Burning Abyss Phantom Knights stole the show, with nearly as much Top Cut representation as Kozmos and Monarchs combined.  Check it out!

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SA WCQ: The Complete WCQ Metagame Breakdown

June 18th, 2016

Kozmos and Monarchs were by far the biggest decks in Day 1 at last week’s Central American WCQ, but here at the South American WCQ the field is notably different!  Monarchs and Kozmos are still a huge presence, but one major strategy’s captured far more playershare than it did in Guadalajara.

Check out the complete breakdown of all 293 decks in this afternoon’s competition.

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