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2016 South American WCQ tagged with 'Top Tables'

SA WCQ: Round 6 Top Tables Update

June 18th, 2016

Nine Rounds of Swiss will determine which Duelists make the cut to the Top 64 tomorrow, and all nine of those Swiss Rounds will be played today!  By the end of tonight, a field of nearly 300 competitors from eight different countries will be reduced to a relative handful, and six more rounds of intense Dueling action will determine one final winner tomorrow – a new South American Champion, who’ll compete at the World Championship in August.

Now that we’re past the midway point in the Swiss Rounds it’s a great time to look at what the highest-ranked players in the tournament are running.  As Day 1 continues and the most successful Duelists earn more and more Ranking Points for their wins, they’re sorted closer and closer to Table 1; the domain of the undefeated, and the Duelists with the best records in the tournament.

So let’s take a look and see who’s at the Top 10 tables this Round, and what they’re playing!  It’s a great little snapshot of the present landscape here in Bogota.

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