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2017 North American WCQ tagged with 'Tech Update'

North America WCQ – Tech Update

July 9th, 2017

The North America WCQ is the final major event before the World Championship, and the Duelists are continuing to adapt their strategies do get an edge on the competition. Here are the trends we’re seeing this weekend.

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North America WCQ – Day 1: What Side Are You On?

July 8th, 2017

The big question going into this year’s North America World Championship Qualifier is whether or not True Draco or Zoodiac is the side you want to be on. After the European World Championship Qualifier, pure Zoodiac strategies were strongly regarded as the top choice. The Top 8 was completed dominated by Zoodiac, without a True Draco, True King, or even Wind Witch in sight. While we have seen Zoodiac put up impressive numbers since its release, we haven’t seen anything like what happened in Europe. As the format progresses, we can expect some amount of natural churn to happen, creating counters to the most popular strategies, and that is exactly what is happening today in Chicago.

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