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2019 North America WCQ tagged with 'Speed Dueling'

North America WCQ: Speed Duel Public Events!

June 22nd, 2019

Speed Dueling is the TCG version of the game seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links!  There are only 3 Monster Zones, 2 Spell & Trap Zones, 4000 LP to start with, a starting hand of 4 cards, and no Main Phase 2.  Only cards with the Speed Duel watermark in the effect box can be used in a Speed Duel, so the strategies and the gameplay are vastly different than what we’re seeing in the World Championship Qualifier.

This weekend, if you win your Constructed or Sealed Pack Speed Duel tournament, you’ll win this Speed Duel Game Mat, 2 Speed Duel Tournament Packs and a Speed Duel Score Pad!  If you win your Speed Duel Starter Deck tournament, you’ll win an exclusive Coin!

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