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Dragon Duel WCQ – Round 1: Kevin Froman VS Michael Sakowicz

June 30th, 2012

Today we’ll see ninety-five competitors throw down across seven rounds of Swiss competition, to determine a Top 16 that will compete in elimination rounds tomorrow!  Here in Round 1 we were sitting at Table 1 for the first Feature Match of our Dragon Duel weekend.  Ten year-old Kevin Froman hails from Saint Louis, Missouri: he’s piloting a Batteryman deck filled with powerful combos that can end the Duel in an instant. His opponent is Michael Sakowicz, a thirteen year-old Duelist from Naperville, Illinois playing a HERO Deck with Skill Drain.  Froman has huge, powerful moves, and Sakowicz packs a lot of defense, so this one is anybody’s game. Read more…

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