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The 3 VS 3 Team Tournament caps out at 64 teams, 192 Duelists!

January 22nd, 2011

The 3 VS 3 Team Tournament was wildly popular, capping out at 64 teams competing, the max that we could fit in the room! I talked to some of these teams before the event to find out what their strategy for the event was. Would they each bring the Deck they’re best with and hope for favorable matchups, or would they all work hard on perfecting 1 Deck that they would all use to dominate the field. The latter strategy happened to work in the main event of the last YCS in Atlanta, with three friends who all built Gravekeeper’s and took the top 3 spots.

That wouldn’t be the case here, as no one I talked to even considered the possibility. The teams I talked to all had a huge variety of strategies ranging from a combination of Infernity, Elemental Heroes, and Quickdraw Dandywarrior to the odd-couple-plus-one of X-Sabers, a Shooting Star Dragon Deck, and Naturia. With 64 teams in the mix there are bound to be matchups that no one has even tested, let alone encountered in a real tournament, making this one exciting event to watch.

All you need to play is a Deck, and 2 friends who also have Decks, so give it a try at an event near you!

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The 3 VS 3 Team Tournament Returns!

January 22nd, 2011

Today marks the return of one of the most popular Public Events, first seen at YCS Indianapolis: the 3 VS 3 Team Tournament!

Players can sign up in teams of 3 to take on other teams for a chance to win uncut sheets of Duelist Revolution Secret Rares. Here’s how it works:

-Each team designates 1 person as Duelist A, 1 as Duelist B, and 1 as Duelist C. They keep that designation through the entire tournament and cannot change it.
-Each round, your team is paired up against another team. Duelist A from your team will Duel against Duelist A from the other team. Your Duelist B will take on their Duelist B, and your Duelist C will square off with their Duelist C.
-Each pair plays a complete Match.
-The first team to win 2 Matches takes the win for the round!

We’ll check in later to see what strategies teams are using to drive themselves to the top. Will Duelists from the same team all play the same Deck, or will each Duelist play to his own strengths to try and create favorable matchups? We’ll find out!

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