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Legendary Six Samurai Bounty Tournament Report!!

January 31st, 2011

I had a lot of fun at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Extravaganza! I played in the Bounty Tournament, and I got to be the first person in the United States to play with the new Legendary Six Samurai cards at an event! The big draw of the new Six Samurai Deck is the Synchro Monster Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En. Shi En, along with the other new monsters from Storm of Ragnarok that let you Special Summon add speed and durability that older Six Samurai Decks lacked. With more ways to Summon and more ways to negate or get rid of your opponent’s cards, the new Legendary Six Samurai Deck can take on any Deck!

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Dan “Odin” Posey’s Nordic Bounty Tournament Report

January 25th, 2011

Hello, you might remember me as the guy at the Bounty Tournament who played the new Nordic Deck at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Extravaganza this past weekend. Lots of people were excited to see the Aesir in action, so I’m writing this to tell you which new cards I played and how I did. Almost half my Deck was made up of Storm of Ragnarok cards. Here are the ones I used:

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Jerome’s Scrap Deck and Bounty Tournament Report

January 23rd, 2011

Saturday’s final event of the day was a unique experience, to be sure. 7 KDE employees, including myself, entered the fray as Bounty Duelists to give Duelists a chance to win the Yu-Gi-Oh! Extravaganza Game Mat and some Booster Packs. It’s a fun event to play because literally anything can happen. Most of the time when you’re at a tournament, someone will be on the microphone to tell you when your round will start, etc. Here, he’s on the microphone to spice up your Duels with a series of ever changing rules!

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