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2010/01 – Los Angeles, California tagged with 'Finals'

Final Round: Michael Anderson vs. Stephen Silverman

January 10th, 2010

Over 1600 Duelists have fallen one by one, and now only two remain! Michael Anderson is the last of a contingent of Duelists from Seattle, Washington who came to this tournament, while Stephen Silverman traveled here all the way from Philadelphia. After Twilight swept SHONEN JUMP Championship Columbus, both of these competitors are playing pure Lightsworn Decks – no Chaos Sorcerers and no Dark Armed Dragons! With both competitors playing hugely explosive Decks, this one is most certainly anybody’s game. Read more…

Stephen Silverman wins SHONEN JUMP Championship Los Angeles

January 10th, 2010

In the final round:

Stephen Silverman (Lightsworn) vs. Michael Anderson (Lightsworn)
Stephen Silverman wins the SHONEN JUMP Championship – Los Angeles!

Congratulations to Stephen Silverman, the newest SHONEN JUMP Championship winner!