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2010/01 – Los Angeles, California

Round 8 Feature Match: Claudio Kirchmair vs. Rodrigo Togores

January 10th, 2010

Claudio Kirchmair came here from Austria and is his country’s current National Champion. He placed 4th at the World Championship in 2008 and is looking for another title today. Rodrigo Togores came here from Spain and was the 2004 National Championship. He also made Top 4 at Nationals in 2005, 2006, and 2007. In 2009 he won his Nation’s Yu-Gi-Oh! DS Championship. He is also a SHONEN JUMP Championship winner from SJC Orlando 2009. This was going to be an intense match played by Duelists of the highest caliber. Read more…

Round 7 Feature Match: Richard Clarke vs. Matt Highline

January 10th, 2010

Richard Clarke and Matt Highline are both 5-1 in this tournament, and we were looking at both competitors for Feature Matches this Round, so covering them both in one Match is pure luck. Clarke is playing a new version of his Disaster Dragon Deck, packing new tech like “Yamata Dragon” and “Genesis Dragon.” Last round he took his opponent’s “Dark End Dragon,” Tuned it to “Magna Drago,” and brought down “Trident Dragion” for the win.

But his opponent is Matt Highline, one of the day’s few Fortune Lady Duelists! Highline is using Fortune Ladies in conjunction with “Chaos Sorcerer” and Destiny Hero monsters, using the Ladies for extra draw power with “Fortune’s Future.” It’s an interesting concept that’s served Highline well here today, carrying him to a 5-1 record thus far. Read more…

Round 7 Feature Match: Aaron Luong vs. Kevin Silva

January 10th, 2010

Like many other Duelists in the tournament, Kevin Silva is running Zombies. However, unlike most other plays, Silva is using “Supervise” and “Il Blud” in his Deck to swarm the field with Special Summons even faster than the typical Zombie Deck. His opponent, Aaron Luong, is running a Lightsworn Deck. Read more…

Pegasus League Finale Feature Match: Daryl Huang vs. Kelvin Tran

January 10th, 2010

In the Final Match of Pegasus League Deck Challenge Tournament #2, Daryl Huang is running a Gemini Warrior Deck in this Duel, comprised mostly of cards from the Warriors’ Strike Structure Deck. His opponent, Kelvin Tran, is running X-Sabers. Huang won his last Feature Match against X-Sabers – will he be able to do it again to win the tournament? Read more…

Pegasus League Top 4 Feature Match: Chris Alarcon vs. Darryl Huang

January 10th, 2010

Many Pegasus League Deck Challenge Tournaments were run here today. Here’s one of the Top 4 matches from Tournament #2.

Darryl Huang is running a Gemini Deck today and will be going up against Chris Alarcon’s X-Saber Deck in this round of the tournament. X-Sabers were a popular Deck choice in the tournament and Geminis were underrepresented. How will these two Decks fare when pitted against one another? Read more…

Round 6 Feature Match: Matt Puttman vs. Enoch Sanz

January 10th, 2010

Heading into Round 6 we have a number of cool undefeated decks. Everything from Dragons with “Genesis Dragon” and “Yamata Dragon,” to “Il Blud” Zombies with “Supervise” are 5-0, but this round’s feature match goes to Matt Puttman and his Eatos Gemini Deck. Puttman has been shredding his opponents so far today, combining “Soul Release” and “Guardian Eatos” with “Royal Oppression” and an aggressive set of high-ATK Gemini monsters.

His opponent is Enoch Sanz, a Zombie Duelist wielding the card of the day: “Tragoedia.” “Tragoedia” is a big concern for Puttman’s Deck– he can’t stop it with “Royal Oppression” and isn’t playing “Honest,” so he has to rely on “Gemini Spark” to power through it. This one should be interesting. Read more…

WANTED: Los Angeles Bounty List!

January 9th, 2010

Well, we certainly had a lot of options for this event – with 1633 players to choose from, picking out 10 Bounties should be easy, right?

Quite a few players came up to to ask about being chosen, so people were obviously excited about the feature. After looking over the All Player List (it was a hefty read, too) we arrived at the following list.

Let’s meet the Bounty Duelists for SJC Los Angeles! Read more…

Pegasus League Finale Feature Match: Esteban Flores vs. Ryan Spicer

January 9th, 2010

In today’s Pegasus League Deck Challenge, Esteban Flores is undefeated with his Gemini Deck, while his opponent Ryan Spicer is playing Blackwings with “Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter” and “The Dark Creator.” Both Decks bring unique strengths to the table and played clean through the elimination rounds to get to this point. Now all that remained was to crown a final winner for this Pegasus League! Read more…

Undefeated Players – Round 5

January 9th, 2010

The following players were undefeated (4 – 0) at the start of Round 5: Read more…

Pegasus League Top 4 Feature Match: Jorge Escamilla vs. Esteban Flores

January 9th, 2010

Six Pegasus League Deck Challenge Tournaments were held here today, and now we are about to witness the Top 4 of Deck Challenge Tournament #3. Jorge Escamilla is playing the most popular Deck of the “New Year’s Resolution” format here today – X-Sabers! But his opponent Esteban Flores is playing a powerful strategy that’s seeing far less play, and is taking competitors by surprise – Gemini monsters. Only one of these Duelists could move on, and we were about to find out who would claim victory and proceed to the finals. Read more…