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2010/04 – 75th SJC – Edison, New Jersey tagged with 'Dragon Duel'

Feature Match: Brandon Miotke wins Dark End Dragon in Dragon Duel Championship

April 26th, 2010

Dragon Duels are a tournament series that are open only to players age 12 & under. At this weekend’s Dragon Duels, about 50 Dragon Duelists competed to win Game Mats, card binders, and other cool stuff, plus one special, awesome prize: a copy of the Championship Prize Card Dark End Dragon!

At the end of the day, the tournament came down to two finalists: Brandon Miotke from Michigan and Jared Centamore from New Jersey, a pair of 12 year-old Duelists who have each won Dragon Duel tournaments in the past. When the dust settled, Miotke had emerged victorious. Here’s a card-by-card report on their exciting Duel to determine this weekend’s champion!

Brandon Miotke with his Newest Card

(If you’re 12 years old or younger, and you want to play in a Dragon Duel championship yourself, you can find them at any Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event. Check the Events Calendar and be on the lookout for a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series coming near you!) Read more…