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The Top 4 of the Undisputed UDS Championship is About to Begin!

February 18th, 2024

Yesterday, 16 UDS Invitational winners competed in 6 Swiss Rounds. Competition was fierce, and with a UDS Championship ring on the line, each of those Duelists fought their hardest. Now, we’re down to just 4 Duelists.

Cameron Neal, Andres Torres, Juan Andrade, and Jesse Kotton have returned for the final day of the Quarter Century Celebration for a showdown that will determine who will become the undisputed ultimate Duelist! Each of these Duelists is just two Match wins away from claiming that prestigious title and taking home the ring.

There will be a total of three single-elimination Matches played today – two Top 4 Matches, followed by the Finals. All three Matches will be streamed on the Official Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG YouTube Channel and Twitch Channel, so be sure to tune in and watch the rest of the Undisputed UDS Championship unfold!

Welcome to Day 2!

August 26th, 2018

Welcome to Day 2 of the UDS Summer Invitational in Kansas City, Missouri! After 8 Swiss rounds of intense Dueling, the best 32 Duelists have advanced to today’s portion of the event. Here they have an additional 4 rounds of Swiss, followed by a final cut to the Top 8!

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