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2016/02 – UDS Summer Invitational – Los Angeles, CA tagged with 'Bounty'

Konami Bounty Round 4 Feature Match: Yasuyuki Yamaji versus Luis Castro

February 21st, 2016

Taking a break from the Ultimate Duelist Series – Winter Invitational Main Event, there are some pretty awesome Side Events going on. The most popular one currently is the Konami Bounty event, so not only do Duelists have the chance to win prizes from Konami employees, but random rules are announced during each Round that can throw a Duel into utter chaos! In the final Round of this tournament, we have chosen none other than the President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. US to feature: Yasuyuki Yamaji. Yamaji-san is Dueling with Kozmos, and packing a bunch of sweet Premium Gold: Infinite Gold cards in his Deck. His opponent, Luis Castro, has chosen Atlantean Mermail for this event, trying to take advantage of its explosive power.

An announcement was made before the Round that if Yamaji-san loses, every participant will win a playmat! Can Castro defeat Yamaji-san with such a weight on his shoulders? Or will Yamaji-san get a chance to show the world his Dueling skills?

Yamaji-san won the roll and chose to go first.

It’s Time to Duel!

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