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2016/02 – UDS Summer Invitational – Los Angeles, CA tagged with 'Top 4'

Top 4 Feature Match: Garon Williams versus Denny Yu

February 22nd, 2016

Both Garon Williams and Denny Yu finished 7-3 in Swiss, just good enough to make it into the Top Cut 8. Both are on Performapal Pendulum variants, albeit each with their own flare. Williams is utilizing Performapal Secondonkey along with Brilliant Fusion and Instant Fusion to have explosive turns similar to that of older incarnations of Performapal Pendulum. Yu’s list is trying to take full advantage of the Draco engine, using multiple copies of Unexpected Dai and Painful Decision to boost his combo ability and consistency.

Which Performapal pilot will make his way to the Finals?

Williams won the roll and chose to go first.

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