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2010/05 – Washington, DC tagged with 'Dragon Duel'

Dragon Duel Final Feature Match: Jarryd K. vs. Danny R.

May 16th, 2010

Dragon Duels are for Duelists age 12 and under. Jarryd K. and Danny R. are both 12 years old, turning 13 years old in August. Both of them had battled through other Dragon Duelists this weekend to reach the final round. Both Duelists here will receive the same prize, but are Dueling for the glory of winning this Feature Match. Here’s a picture of the Top 4 Duelists from this weekend:

This Weekend's Top 4 Dragon Duelists!

Jarryd is running a Quickdraw Dandywarrior Deck, and his opponent, Danny, is running Machina Gadgets!

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