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2010/09 – Toronto, Canada tagged with 'Semifinals'

Semifinals Feature Match: Roy St. Clair VS Alex Vansant

September 5th, 2010

Four Duelists remained in this tournament: two X-Saber Duelists, one Lightsworn, and one Machina Gadgets.  Roy St. Clair and Alex Vansant were Dueling for a seat in the finals, and a set of the Darklord Prize cards – the winner here would be guaranteed a set of prize cards, while the defeated Duelist would have to compete and win third place to score their set.  Vansant was playing Machina Gadgets, while St. Clair was running X-Sabers.

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Semifinals Feature Match: Lazaro Bellido Vs. Cody Gravelle

September 5th, 2010

You saw them both defeat their opponent’s last round, but now they have to Duel each other with a guaranteed Set of Darklord Prize Cards on the line!

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Semifinal Results!

September 5th, 2010

Check back here to catch the results as they happen!

Roy St. Clair VS Alex Vansant

Roy St. Clair advances to the finals!

Lazaro Bellido VS Cody Gravelle

Lazaro Bellido advances to the finals!