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2010/10 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tagged with 'MPZ'

Deck Profile: Robbie Stargel’s Merchant Pot Zombies (MPZ)

October 9th, 2010

Years ago, long before the arrival of Synchro Monsters, a Deck called “Merchant Pot Turbo” (MPT) captured the imagination of Duelists.  The idea was to run a vast number of monsters and half a dozen Spells or fewer: no Traps.  In doing so, the MPT Duelist could load his Graveyard with monsters via Magical Merchant’s effect, and easily get to powerful Spell Cards like Heavy Storm.  The Deck also ran Pot of Avarice, which was the lynchpin of the strategy; filling the Graveyard with monsters allowed for the immediate activation of Avarice, and the MPT Duelist would shuffle back the 5 most useful monsters from his Graveyard back into his deck to hopefully draw them.  At the time, the strategy chiefly revolved around Summoning as many Chaos Sorcerers as possible.

Today, Robbie Stargel is taking a new approach to the old theme.  While Stargel hopes to Summon Chaos Sorcerer, he’s also playing a variety of Tuner Monsters that take advantage of a filled Graveyard.  Then he takes everything 1 step further by adding a personal twist: a Zombie lineup captained by King of the Skull Servants!  The result is a wacky, unpredictable strategy that’s sure to surprise Stargel’s opponents.  Here’s what it looks like:

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