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2010/10 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tagged with 'Prize Card Playoffs'

Points Playoff Finals: Jack Hoyt vs. Alex Vansant

October 11th, 2010

Jack Hoyt and Alex Vansant last faced off in the Points Playoff Finals in San Jose. It was a close Match that eventually ended in a victory for Vansant in overtime. But Jack Hoyt is bringing his X-Saber Deck back for revenge, this time against Vansant’s Warrior Toolbox Deck. The winner here will receive a Super Rare set of Darklord Prize Cards.

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Public Event Raffle Playoffs Finals: Zach Olmer Versus Rick Gratton

October 10th, 2010

At every YCS, 4 Duelists are chosen by raffle out of all the Duelists who played in Public Events for a chance to win a Super Rare set of the Darklord Prize Cards. To claim them, they must win a 4-player single elimination tournament. In the finals, Zach Olmer was playing Dragons, while Rick Gratton was playing Quickdraw: the winner of this Match would walk away from this table with a set of the Darklord Prize Cards.  Neither Duelist was wasting time, and the Match started immediately!

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