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2011/02 – Dallas, TX tagged with 'Top 16'

Top 16 Feature Match: Honorable Rudy Munoz vs. Scott Robertson Page

February 13th, 2011

In this Feature Match we’ll see Scott Robertson Page take Formula Monarchs against Honorable Rudy Munoz’s Six Samurai. Samurai Duelists make up half of the Top 16, and Robertson is the only Formula Monarch Duelist left. Formula Monarchs were a much-discussed Deck going into this tournament, but they were under-represented in the Swiss Rounds. This is the first time we’ll see this matchup in a Feature Match this weekend. Read more…

Top 16 Feature Match: Honorable Jonathan Herrera vs. Froilan Salvador

February 13th, 2011

Honorable Jonathan Herrera made it to the Top 16 today with his Six Samurai Deck, and is now facing off against Froilan Salvador’s Blackwings. This is a common matchup here in Texas, and it’s very likely that we’ll see a lot more of it in the near future, so the result in this Match may be a strong predictor of future success. Read more…

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Top 16 Ready to Start!

February 13th, 2011

Here are the 16 remaining Duelists, the Decks they are playing, and their opponents, as we get ready to begin the Top 16 of this 1100+ Duelist Tournament! Blackwings and Samurai are the top Decks, with 8 Six Samurai and 5 Blackwings in contention, but Lightsworn, Gravekeepers, and Monarchs are still in the running as well.

Billy Brake with Six Samurai
Arnold Mitchell Alvarado with Six Samurai
Arnold Mitchell Alvarado wins and advances to the Top 8!

Jonhathan Sebastian Vazquez Herrera with Six Samurai
Froilan Salvador with Blackwings
Froilan Salvador wins and advances to the Top 8!

Nathan Soowal with Blackwings
Travis Terrell Massengale with Gravekeepers
Travis Terrell Massengale wins and advances to the Top 8!

Jarel Winston with Six Samurai
Brandon Ogbonna with Lightsworn
Brandon Ogbonna wins and advances to the Top 8!

Chase Sly with Blackwings
Nizar Sarhan with Six Samurai
Nizar Sarhan wins and advances to the Top 8!

Scott Roberston Page with Monarchs
Rudy Munoz with Six Samurai
Scott Robertson Page wins and advances to the Top 8!

Jesse Gallet with Blackwings
Karl Arbeiter with Six Samurai
Jesse Gallet wins and advances to the Top 8!

Daniel Carlos with Six Samurai
Daniel Avila with Blackwings
Daniel Carlos wins and advances to the Top 8!