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2011/02 – Dallas, TX tagged with 'Top 32'

Top 32 Decklists from YCS Dallas!

February 14th, 2011

The Top 32 Decklists from this event are now live!

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Top 32 Feature Match: Honorable Arnold Alvarado vs. Justin Shaft

February 13th, 2011

Eleven rounds of Swiss competition have whittled a field of more than 1100 Duelists down to just a final Top 32, and this was the first of the playoff elimination rounds! Honorable Arnold Alvarado is playing Six Samurai, while Justin Shaft is armed with Machina Gadgets! It’s old versus new, and only one Duelist can move on from here! Read more…

Top 32 Feature Match: Honorable Karl Arbeiter vs. Honorable Brandon Wigley

February 13th, 2011

Honorable Karl Arbeiter and Honorable Brandon Wigley are both running explosive Six Samurai Decks that aim for an early Summon of Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En to lock the opponent out of the Duel and take a quick win. With Gateway of the Six and Six Samurai United gaining Bushido Counters any time either player Summons a Six Samurai monster, this is sure to be a fast Match. Read more…

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Top 32 Pairings

February 13th, 2011

Here are the Top 32 Duelists at this event. Things are moving too rapidly in this mammoth tournament to have details on what all of these Duelists are playing, but we’ll have that information starting with the Top 16.

Meanwhile, here are the pairings for the 32 Duelists remaining in this event!

Joshua Harris (Six Samurai)
Billy Brake (Six Samurai)

Justin Keith Shaft (Machina Gadgets)
Arnold Mitchell Alvarado (Six Samurai)

Roy St. Clair (X-Sabers)
Jonhathan Sebastian Vazquez Herrera (Six Samurai)

Froilan Salvador (Blackwings)
William Samuel Pedigo (X-Sabers)

Nathan Soowal (Blackwings)
Thai Pham (Blackwings)

Jonathan Fitch (Plant Synchro)
Traviis Terrell Massengale (Gravekeepers)

Larry Chapman (Blackwings)
Jarel Winston (Six Samurai)

Brandon Ogbonna (Lightsworn)
Alistar Albans (Anti-Summon)

Weston Lundgren (Infernity)
Chase Sly (Blackwings)

Joseph Giorlando (Six Samurai)
Nizar Sarhan (Six Samurai)

Scott Roberston Page (Monarchs)
Glenn Robinson (X-Sabers)

Colby Blomstrom (Blackwings)
Rudy Munoz (Six Samurai)

Jesse Gallet (Blackwings)
Joshua Phillip (Machina Gadgets)

Karl Arbeiter (Six Samurai)
Brandon Wigley (Six Samurai)

Daniel Carlos (Six Samurai)
Nicholas Wei (Blackwings)

Daniel Avila (Blackwings)
Josh Snyder (Six Samurai)