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2011/03 – Charlotte, NC tagged with 'Blackwings'

Round 11: Dragoon Kevin Silva vs. High-flyin’ Ramon Mera

March 20th, 2011

Kevin Silva and Ramon Mera both have 8-2 records, which means their life in the tournament is at stake in this Match. Silva made it here with Dragunities, and his opponent, Ramon Mera, is running a Deck he nicknamed “Spirit Wings” – a Blackwing Deck that Main Decks 2 copies of Spirit Reaper. Lots of Icarus Attacks may be flying around in this Match, and effective use of it may prove to be difference between victory and defeat.
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Round 7: Flag-Bearer Courtney Waller VS Honorable Kuanchang Lai

March 19th, 2011

With a 5-1 record so far, Courtney Waller is 1 of the highest-ranked Blackwing Duelists in today’s tournament.  Armed with a Vayu Turbo build, he’s scored some impressive wins so far today.  His opponent is Kuanchang Lai, a Samurai Duelist who’s also 5-1 so far.  The winner of this Match would have a strong shot at Day 2, while the defeated Duelist would have to work hard to make up lost ground in the Swiss Rounds.
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