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2011/03 – Charlotte, NC tagged with 'LIGHT monsters'

Top 16: Fired-Up Jonathan Barber VS Fusionist Deryck Rothenberger

March 20th, 2011

Jonathan Barber from Jacksonville, Florida is facing off against Deryck Rothenberger from Indianapolis in a Top 16 Feature Match that pits Flamvellsworn against Miracle Gemini! Neither of these Decks were highly anticipated to be top contenders this weekend, but one of them is now guaranteed to make it to the Quarterfinals.
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Round 4: Fusionist Jerry Wang Versus Honorable Dakota Vandawalker

March 19th, 2011

Miracle Geminis are emerging as 1 of the most successful Decks of the tournament here in Round 4, placing many Duelists at the top tables thus far.  The combination of deft Synchro hate; big Level 4 monsters; and big Fusion Monsters is proving to be a successful combo, and has taken YCS winner Jerry Wang to his current spot at Table 6 in today’s main event.

His opponent this round is local fourteen year-old Dakota Vandawalker, from right here in North Carolina.  Vandawalker is 1 of the top-ranked Samurai Duelists in the tournament, playing an explosive build that focuses on consistency more than bells and whistles.  Vandawalker may be young, but he clearly knows this Deck inside out.

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