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2011/05 – Orlando, FL tagged with 'Dragons'

Round 10: “D.D.” Christopher Burrows VS Dragontamer Amanda LaPalme

May 22nd, 2011

Amanda LaPalme and Christopher Burrows are both 7-2 in the tournament, with the hope of a Top 32 finish riding on the outcome of this Match. LaPalme is back with her signature Dragon Deck, and Burrows is using a Dimensional Tengu Deck that takes advantage of effects that work when his monsters are removed from the Duel. If Burrows manages to keep his Dimensional Fissure on the field, this will be a difficult Match for LaPalme, who relies on Special Summoning Dragons from her Graveyard.
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Round 1: Dragontamer Zackery Biscardi VS Sam “Monster Hater” Cooper

May 21st, 2011

We’re seeing a lot of Duelists running Dragons here, today, including Atlanta’s Zackery Biscardi.  Long-time Duel fans may remember Biscardi from his performance with Gravekeepers, when Gravekeepers exploded at YCS Atlanta.  His opponent this round is Palm Bay’s Samuel Cooper, piloting an Anti-Monster strategy.  This could be an interesting Match, as Biscardi tries to break through with a flurry of Special Summons, and Cooper tries to keep him from doing it with cards like Thunder King Rai-Oh and Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo.  Biscardi would have his work cut out for him.
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