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2011/05 – Orlando, FL tagged with 'Scrap Monsters'

Deck Profile: Luke Patterson’s Granel Scraps

May 22nd, 2011

Luke Patterson has been playing Scraps ever since they were released, and finished the Swiss rounds of this weekend’s tournament with a 9-1 record by using an updated Scrap Deck that takes advantage of Meklord Emperor Granel, Scrap Orthros, and Reborn Tengu. He also just won his first playoff rounds, utterly dominating Gladiator Beasts, a historically poor matchup for Scraps! His Deck is also packed with tech choices like Fiendish Chain and Scapegoat, which have amazing synergy with his monsters and open up a variety of plays that former Scrap Decks were incapable of making.
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Round 4: Imperial Luke Patterson VS Commander Stephen Silverman

May 21st, 2011

Luke Patterson and Stephen Silverman are both undefeated so far. Patterson made it here with his Scrap Deck packing 2 copies of Meklord Emperor Granel, and Silverman maintained his winning streak with X-Sabers. At the end of this round, one of these Duelists will have a perfect 4-0 record.
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