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2011/08 – Indianapolis, IN tagged with 'Top 16'

Top 16 Decklists from Indianapolis

August 9th, 2011

Here are the Top 16 Decklists from this event! Read more…

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Top 16 Feature Match: Grant Kelly vs. Conrad Selig

August 7th, 2011

Conrad Selig shattered predictions for the field yesterday, sweeping nine opponents in a row to become the only undefeated Duelist in Day 1. His Deck of choice? An unprecedented build of “Malefic Drain”: a Deck that combines big Normal Summons with Malefic monsters and Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon to bruteforce its way through the opponent’s defenses. Two Malefic Drain Decks made it to the Top 16, but both are vastly different: Selig’s runs Trade-In and Upstart Goblin, with six Malefic monsters. The build is fast, consistent, and reliable.

His opponent is Synchro Duelist Grant Kelly, who we saw win a previous Feature Match yesterday. Kelly and Selig are actually long-time friends: they’re the only two local players from Indianapolis that made the Top 16 cut. The stakes were high, but the mood was friendly and light-hearted. It was time to kick off Day 2! Read more…

Top 16 Pairings

August 6th, 2011

Here’s a list of who-plays-whom for the first elimination round, to be held on Sunday! Good luck to all of these competitors as they fight on in Day 2 of YCS Indianapolis 2011! Read more…