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2011/08 – Indianapolis, IN

Top 8 Feature Match: Dalton Bousman vs. Marcus Paternoster

August 7th, 2011

Eight Duelists were left in this tournament, and in this Match we’d see Marcus Paternoster take his Hyperion Deck against Dalton Bousman’s Gravekeepers. Each Duelist was the last of their breed left: there were no other Hyperion or Gravekeeper Decks in the Top 8. This was a tough matchup for Paternoster, since Necrovalley could keep him from using some of his best effects. Read more…

GenCon’s latest fad?: Pocket Dueling!

August 7th, 2011

What do you do when you’re in line for the Generation Force Sneak Peek? Well, you wait. But how long do you wait in a line that wraps around the entire tournament area before you start looking for ways to amuse yourself?

Well, in the case of three Duelists this morning, not very long! Meet Christopher Tracygladden, Chase Finley, and Loukas Peterson, the three  individuals behind the fad that’s sweeping Gen Con: Pocket Dueling! Read more…

Top 16 Feature Match: Grant Kelly vs. Conrad Selig

August 7th, 2011

Conrad Selig shattered predictions for the field yesterday, sweeping nine opponents in a row to become the only undefeated Duelist in Day 1. His Deck of choice? An unprecedented build of “Malefic Drain”: a Deck that combines big Normal Summons with Malefic monsters and Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon to bruteforce its way through the opponent’s defenses. Two Malefic Drain Decks made it to the Top 16, but both are vastly different: Selig’s runs Trade-In and Upstart Goblin, with six Malefic monsters. The build is fast, consistent, and reliable.

His opponent is Synchro Duelist Grant Kelly, who we saw win a previous Feature Match yesterday. Kelly and Selig are actually long-time friends: they’re the only two local players from Indianapolis that made the Top 16 cut. The stakes were high, but the mood was friendly and light-hearted. It was time to kick off Day 2! Read more…

Saturday’s Top 4 Dragon Duelists

August 6th, 2011

Here are our Top 4 finishers from Saturday’s Dragon Duel: Vinnie Silverman, Parker Meyer, Christopher Moroch, and Kevin Matthew Deitche! Each of them received a Dragon Duel T-Shirt, a Regional Qualifier Mat, and an invite to next year’s championship!

Dragon Duel Top 4 - Saturday

QQ: What’s your favorite Generation Force card?

August 6th, 2011

QQ Stands for Quick Questions!  While YCS Indianapolis kicked off here today at the Indianapolis Convention Center, Duelists around the globe were getting their first taste of the new booster set, Generation Force!  Hundreds of Sneak Preview events are being held this weekend worldwide, and competitors here in Indy will get their Sneak Preview here tomorrow.  With that in mind, we asked a spread of attendees: “What’s your favorite card from Generation Force?” Read more…

Saturday Dragon Duel: Chris Moroch vs. Vinnie Silverman

August 6th, 2011

These two Duelists were undefeated here in the final round of the Saturday Dragon Duel! Both competitors are twelve years old. Vinnie Silverman is playing Gravekeepers, while Chris Moroch is running Six Samurai. Moroch is actually the cousin of YCS Champion Sean Coovert, who won his Championship with the same Deck. This is a classic matchup, played by two of the most skilled young Duelists in North America! Let’s Duel! Read more…

Top 16 Pairings

August 6th, 2011

Here’s a list of who-plays-whom for the first elimination round, to be held on Sunday! Good luck to all of these competitors as they fight on in Day 2 of YCS Indianapolis 2011! Read more…

Round 9 Standings

August 6th, 2011

Here are the final standings of the remaining Duelists, after 9 rounds of Swiss Pair play! Join us for the elimination rounds tomorrow. Read more…

Round 8 Feature Match: Grant Kelly vs. Steven Sandler

August 6th, 2011

Both of these competitors are 6-1 here in today’s Swiss Rounds. All 9 Swiss Rounds in this tournament will be played today, and we are in Round 8. A win in this Match, followed by a win next round, would mean a guaranteed spot in the Top 16. The defeated Duelist would need to win the next round and have amazing tiebreakers to have a shot. Steven Sandler is playing Worms, while Grant Kelly is running Tour Guide / Tengu Synchro. Read more…

Round 8 Standings

August 6th, 2011

After 8 rounds, just 96 Duelists are left, as everyone with less than 2 wins has decided to drop from the tournament. Only 2 Duelists remain undefeated at this point. Read more…