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2011/10 – Columbus, Ohio tagged with 'Feature Match'

The Finals: Billy Brake vs. Alistar Albans

October 23rd, 2011

Billy Brake and Alistar Albans are no strangers to the top tables. Albans has made it to the Top 32 a total of 6 times, and Brake has made it there a whopping 11 times, including a YCS victory that he took last month in Toronto! Both Duelists entered this weekend’s YCS with near-identical Decks that they built together. Deck construction will not be a factor in this Match! Luck, skill, and experience will help one of these Duelists get ahead and become the champion of YCS Columbus!

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Semifinal: Billy Brake vs. Thomas Vo

October 23rd, 2011

This is Billy Brake’s 4th Top 4 of the year, but so far he has only won 1 YCS in his life. Now, he’s Dueling against Thomas Vo in a Tengu Synchro mirror-Match that will determine who advances to the final round!

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Top 8 Feature Match: Xin Huang vs. Alistar Albans

October 23rd, 2011

Xin Huang is the only Duelist left in the Top 8 who isn’t using a Synchro Summon Deck, and he’s facing off against Alistar Albans in this Top 8 Feature Match. To advance to the Top 4 with his Agents Deck, Xin Huang will need to beat the most represented Deck in the Top 8.

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Top 16 Feature Match: Francisco (Paco) Cervantes vs. Billy Brake

October 23rd, 2011

Paco Cervantes’s Deck is the last Deck in the Top 16 that uses Gallis the Star Beast. But in order for him to advance to the Top 8 with his new Deck, he’ll need to defeat Billy Brake, the winner of the previous YCS! Will Cervantes take his innovative Deck to the Top 8, or will Billy Brake keep his dream of becoming a back-to-back YCS Champion alive?

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Top 32 Feature Match: Kevin Ward vs. Camden Keener

October 23rd, 2011

Kevin Ward and Camden Keener both went 9-2 in the Swiss rounds with different variants of the classic Hyperion Deck. Keener is running his with Tour Guides, and Ward is running T.G. Monsters instead of Tour Guides. In a field dominated by Tengu Synchro Duelists, one of these Agent Duelists will secure a spot in the Top 16.


Keener opened up Duel 1 with Dimensional Prison, Solemn Warning, Maxx “C”, Master Hyperion, Archlord Kristya, and Effect Veiler. He Set Dimensional Prison and ended his turn.


Ward activated Pot of Duality, revealing Junk Synchron and 2 copies of Mystical Shine Ball from the top of his Deck. He added the Junk Synchron to his hand and shuffled the 2 Shine Balls back into his Deck. Next, he Summoned Sangan and attacked; but Keener flipped Dimensional Prison and banished Sangan. Ward Set a card to his back row and ended his turn.


Keener drew another Archlord Kristya next turn. He Set Solemn Warning and passed.


Ward Set a monster.


Keener drew Mystical Shine Ball. He Set it and passed.


Ward Normal Summoned The Agent of Creation – Venus and paid 500 Life Points to activate its effect, so Keener discarded Maxx “C” from his hand. Ward Special Summoned a Shine Ball and Keener drew Trap Dustshoot thanks to Maxx “C”. Next, Ward attacked Mystical Shine Ball with Venus to destroy it.


Keener drew Mind Control next turn. He activated it to try to take control of Venus, and Ward Chained Trap Dustshoot! Keener revealed Trap Dustshoot, Effect Veiler, Master Hyperion, and 2 copies of Archlord Kristya from his hand. Ward sent Master Hyperion back to Keener’s Deck. Ward gained control of Venus and then paid 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 2 copies of Mystical Shine Ball from his Deck. Next, he Tributed both Shine Balls to Normal Summon Archlord Kristya. Kristya attacked and destroyed Keener’s face-down Mystical Shine Ball. Keener Set Trap Dustshoot before ending his turn.


Ward drew a card and Keener flipped Trap Dustshoot, revealing Ward’s hand of Junk Synchron, The Agent of Mystery – Earth, Smashing Ground, and 2 copies of Hyperion. He sent a Hyperion back to Ward’s Deck with the effect of Trap Dustshoot. Ward activated Smashing Ground to destroy Archlord Kristya, returning Kristya to the top of Keener’s Deck. Next, Ward paid 500 Life Points to Special Summon another Shine Ball from his Deck with Venus’s effect. Keener conceded, seeing no hope of victory.


Camden Keener can’t keep a monster on the field in Duel 1, allowing Kevin Ward to take a quick first victory! Camden Keener will be going first in Duel 2!


Keener opened up Duel 2 with Torrential Tribute, Bottomless Trap Hole, Dimensional Prison, The Agent of Mystery – Earth, Vanity’s Fiend, and Mind Control. He Normal Summoned Earth and used its effect to add The Agent of Creation – Venus from his Deck to his hand. Keener Set Dimensional Prison before ending his turn.


[After the Match, I asked Keener whether or not he thinks he should’ve Set more than 1 Trap Card on his first turn. Because of what happened on the following turn (see below), he replied, “I regret not setting Bottomless now. The reason I didn’t is, I didn’t want to lose to Heavy. Dimensional Prison could take down Rai-Oh, or a T.G., or whatever. I didn’t expect him to have everything.”]


Ward activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Keener’s face-down Dimensional Prison, then Normal Summoned his own Venus. He paid 1500 Life Points to Special Summon 3 Shine Balls from his Deck in Attack Position, then returned a Shine Ball from his field to his hand in order to Special Summon Genex Ally Birdman. Next, he paid another 500 Life Points to Special Summon a Shine Ball from his hand in Attack Position. He activated Leeching the Light next, giving his 3 Shine Balls, his Venus, and his Birdman each 1000 extra ATK. Next, he activated Smashing Ground to destroy Earth. Finally, direct attacks from 3 1500 ATK Shine Balls, a 2400 ATK Birdman, and a 2600 ATK Venus finished Keener off!


Kevin Ward defeats Camden Keener on his first turn in Duel 2 and advances to the Top 16 with his T.G. Hyperion Deck!

Round 11 Feature Match: Robert DiMartino vs. Tyler Nolan

October 23rd, 2011

Robert DiMartino is currently 8-2 with Gladiator Beasts and his opponent, Tyler Nolan, holds the same record with his T.G. Deck. One of these Duelists will make it to the Top 32. The other will be eliminated right here. Which will it be?

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Round 10 Feature Match: Sean Montague vs. Daniel LaMartina

October 23rd, 2011

Sean Montague and Daniel LaMartina both made it to the top 4 of the World Championship Qualifier in 2010, but have never played against one another. Now, for the first time ever, these 2 World Championship competitors are facing off against each other for a shot at advancing with a 9-1 record in the tournament. Sean Montague, who won the 2010 WCQ with X-Sabers, is using a Synchro Summon Deck in today’s tournament. Daniel LaMartina, who used Gladiator Beasts back in the 2010 World Championship Qualifier, is using a HERO Deck today. The pressure is on!

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Round 9 Feature Match: Noah Cumming vs. Joshua Bequette

October 22nd, 2011

Joshua Bequette and Noah Cumming are both currently 6-2 in the tournament, so they’ll be counting on a victory in this Match to bring them into Day 2 with a shot at the Top 32. Noah is just one of Grapha’s many Dark World Duelists that have been pushed to the Top 10 tables by Grapha himself, and he’s facing off against Joshua’s T.G. Deck, which techs Ape Fighter. Read more…