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2011/11 – Kansas City, Missouri

3v3 Team Duel Prizes

November 20th, 2011

Here’s a look at the Photon Shockwave card sheet prizes offered for this weekend’s 3v3 Team Duels.

In a 3v3 Duel, you don’t share Life Points or cards, but instead each player stands on their own against a Duelist from an opposing team. The team that wins 2 of their 3 Matches that round walks away with the win.

The winning team at Sunday’s event was made up of Jehanzab Siddiqui, Matt Hoey, and Andrew Tenjum. Congratulations on your win!

You can find out more information about 3v3 Team Dueling, and the other fun Public Events held at every YCS, by checking out the FAQ for any major event at

Top 4 Feature Match: Derek Rouse vs. Courtney Waller

November 20th, 2011

Derek Rouse is the last Karakuri Duelist remaining in the tournament, and Courtney Waller is the last Chaos Duelist. Now, they’re Dueling against one another in a Feature Match that will determine who makes it to the Finals to battle against a Synchro-centric Duelist for the YCS trophy! Read more…

Top 8 Feature Match: Alberto Gonzalez vs. Derek Rouse

November 20th, 2011

Derek Rouse and Alberto Gonzalez were both 8-2 at the end of the Swiss Rounds, and now they’re Dueling against one another in the Top 8! Either Derek Rouse and his Karakuri Deck, or Alberto Gonzalez and his Dino Rabbit Deck, will advance to the Top 4! Read more…

Top 8 to the Top – Final Round Pairings

November 20th, 2011

The final rounds were fast and furious here in Kansas City! Here’s how it all unfolded: Read more…

Tech Update: Deck-Defining Cards from Photon Shockwave

November 20th, 2011

Photon Shockwave brings rise to a whole bunch of new Decks, and provides some incredible support to Decks that are already out there. Yesterday we talked about cards that you can throw in any Deck, but now we’re going to take a close look at Decks you can use to build up a theme. Or, in one case, a card that’s a Deck theme all by itself.

Take a look at some of the awesome Deck-boosting support given to Duelists by Photon Shockwave! Read more…

Top 16 Feature Match: Karl Arbeiter vs. Samuel Jones

November 20th, 2011

Our Top 16 Feature Match pits Samuel Jones and his Dino Rabbit Deck against Karl Arbeiter and his Karakuris! One of these Duelists will advance to the Top 8, and the other will be eliminated! Read more…

Top 16 Pairings

November 20th, 2011

It’s down to 16 now. Here are the remaining Duelists in this event: Read more…

Top 32 Feature Match: Civil War in Dark World – Maurice Brantley vs. Vincent Mireles

November 20th, 2011

Have you ever wondered how Dark World monsters became such terrifying, gruesome instruments of destruction?

Let me tell you how. We battle. We battle a lot. And if we run out of foes to demolish, we battle against each other. Most of the titanic struggles waged by Dark World armies are against other Dark World armies, as the nobility of Dark World battle one another for supremacy. Better to rule than to serve, yes?

And now, in the first elimination round of your tournament today (elimination… such a delightful word…), two Dark World Duelists are facing off to tear each other apart.

It’s just like home.

I will therefore join BOTH sides of this battle! I have granted battlefield promotions to both Duelists, giving them the temporary rank of General. Let us see what they can do. But no matter what happens, I, Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, WILL WIN! Read more…

Top 32 Pairings – Who’s Facing Whom!

November 20th, 2011

Here are the pairings for the first round of Single Elimination play. From this point forward, any Duelists who loses their best-of-3 Match is out of the main event! Read more…

Round 10 Feature Match: Barrett Keys vs. Zakary Kramer

November 20th, 2011

Zakary Kramer and Barrett Keys are both 7-2 in the tournament, and now they’re facing off in a Match that pits Zakary Kramer’s Piper Chaos Deck against Barrett Keys’ Master Hyperion Deck. The winner of this Match will be assured a spot on the Top 32, and will be able to continue fighting for a YCS victory! Read more…