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2012/02 – Atlanta, Georgia tagged with 'Semifinals'

Semifinal: Marquis Henderson vs. Anthony Pascariello

February 19th, 2012

Marquis Henderson made it to the Top 4 with his T.G. Deck – a Deck that few Duelists expected to make it this far this weekend. But in getting here, Marquis Henderson proved to everyone that his T.G. Deck has some great match-ups in the current field of Decks. Now, Henderson is up against another Deck that’s vulnerable to Skill Drain and his assortment of Trap Cards – Anthony Pascariello’s Wind-Up Deck! A win for Henderson will put his T.G. Deck into the Finals, while a victory for Pascariello will be an impressive showing for newly-constructed Wind-Ups.
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The Semifinals are set!

February 19th, 2012