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2012/03 – 100th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tagged with 'Quarterfinals'

Top 8 Feature Match: Joseph Giorlando vs. Wilson Tsang

March 26th, 2012

With 6 different Deck types, the Top 8 for this tournament is nothing short of incredible! Not only were Dark World and Piper Chaos still in contention, but this Match would see Joseph Giorlando’s Skill Drain Elemental HEROes up against the slickest Wind-Up variant in the tournament; Wilson Tsang’s Beastly Wind-Ups, armed with Ape Fighter, Photon Saber Tiger, and Horn of the Phantom Beast! This one was anybody’s game, but Skill Drain could certainly prove to be a deciding factor in Giorlando’s favor.


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Top 8 Match-Ups

March 26th, 2012

Each of these Top 8 Finalists will receive a Blood Mefist prize card, along with many other cool prizes. But the battle continues to see who can climb even higher!

Table 1
Gabriel Perez (Piper Chaos) vs. Angel Ascencio (Dino Rabbit)
Gabriel Perez wins and advances to the Top 4!

Table 2
Simon He (Dino Rabbit) vs. Ryan Machado (Dino Rabbit)
Simon He wins and advances to the Top 4!

Table 3
Joseph Giorlando (Skill Drain Heroes) vs. Wilson Tsang (Wind-Up Beasts)
Joseph Giorlando wins and advances to the Top 4!

Table 4
Michael Balan (Dark World) vs. Jian Zeng (Inzektors)
Michael Balan wins and advances to the Top 4!