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2012/04 – Dallas, Texas tagged with 'Public Events'

Public Event Playoffs Winners!

April 16th, 2012

Brian McNeese won the random prize playoffs with his Stun Deck, by beating a Photon Deck in the final round! Brian McNeese is the father of today’s third place Dragon Duelist. Not a bad day for the McNeeses!
Abraham Durazo won the points playoffs with a Frog Monarch Deck by beating a Ninja Deck in the Finals. He entered the Dragons Collide Side Event 6 times and won once to rack up points. He also entered 2 Classic Draft tournaments, 1 of which he won. He’s excited about the upcoming Battle Pack and the Sealed Dueling that it enables.


New Win-A-Mat: Yuma and Utopia Ray

April 14th, 2012

There’s a new game mat circulating around the tournament floor. The Yuma and Utopia Ray Win-a-Mat was first available at YCS Long Beach, and this weekend Duelists are taking another shot at winning one. Look for this cool new game mat available at YCS and Regional Public Events!