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2012/10 – Providence, Rhode Island tagged with 'Top 16'

Top 16: William Casaw vs. Simon He

October 21st, 2012

We saw New Jersey’s William Casaw in a Round 10 Feature Match earlier today. He wasn’t able to make any big moves in that match, but he still managed to fight his way to the Top 16! His opponent is Simon He, who hails from Nottingham in the UK! Only one Duelist can move on from here!

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Top 16 Feature Match: Christopher LeBlanc vs. Brad Pironciak

October 21st, 2012

11 different Decks made it into the Top 16, including a lone Gladiator Beast Deck piloted by Brad Pironciak. Pironciak is using an original build that includes Gladiator Beast Samnite and Horn of the Phantom Beast. Now, he’ll be pitting his new creation against Brad Pironciak’s Karakuri Geargia Deck! Only one of these Duelists can advance to the Top 8!


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Top 16 Feature Match: Justin Ashe Versus Thomas Chacko

October 21st, 2012

We Feature Matched Justin Ashe earlier in the tournament, and now he’s brought Gravekeepers all the way to the Top 16!  His opponent this round is playing another deck that was also a darkhorse pick coming into this weekend – Thomas Chacko is running Agents here in the final rounds of YCS Rhode Island!  This one was anybody’s Match to win, and the victor here would be headed to the Top 8!


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Top 16 Pairings!

October 21st, 2012

Table 1: William Casaw (Lancer) vs. Simon He (Agents)

Table 2: Christopher LeBlanc (Karakuri Geargia) vs. Brad Pironciak (Gladiator Beasts)

Table 3: Garon Williams (Wind-Ups) vs. Andres Torres (Karakuri Geargia)

Table 4: Thomas Chacko (Agents) vs. Justin Ashe (Gravekeeper’s)

Table 5: Nareg Torossian (Zombie Monarchs) vs. Kevin Rubio (Agents)

Table 6: Jonny Nagel (Machina Gadgets) vs. Bo Tang (Dino Rabbit)

Table 7: Christopher Tuttobene (Chaos Dragons) vs. Robert Palumbo (Machina Geargia)

Table 8: Nick Amato (Agents) vs. Daniel Vrabel (Agents)