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2012/10 – Providence, Rhode Island tagged with 'Top 32'

Top 32 Feature Match: Nareg Tarossian Versus Paul Levitin

October 21st, 2012

This was a total blast from the past!


“I feel like we’re in a time machine to 2006 right now,” laughed Paul Levitin as he took his seat.  Nareg Torossian grinned in return.  


Both of these Duelists are former Champions with YCS wins under their belts.  Torossian won the first-ever Des Volstgalph at YCS Indianapolis in 2005, while Levitin won YCS Anaheim in 2005, and YCS Minneapolis in 2008.  As teenagers these Duelists were living legends.  Now, at twenty-two and twenty-one years of age respectively, Levitin and Torrosian are back to fight for a spot in the Top 16 this weekend!  The names are the same, but the Decks are very different: Levitin is playing Geargia, while Torossian is running a unique Zombie Monarch strategy.  Both Duelists shook hands before getting down to business!


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