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2012/10 – Providence, Rhode Island tagged with 'Top 8'

Top 8 Feature Match: Nareg Torossian Versus Bo Tang

October 21st, 2012

Over a thousand Duelists have been whittled down to just eight.  The Top 8 decks of YCS Providence are two Karakuri Geargia; two Agents; a Gravekeeper Deck; Chaos Dragons; Dino Rabbit; and Zombie Monarchs!  This Match pits the last two from that list head-to-head, as Nareg Torossian takes his Zombie Monarch variant Bo Tang’s Dino Rabbit build!


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Top 8 Pairings!

October 21st, 2012

Table 1: Christopher LeBlanc (Karakuri Geargia) vs. Simon He (Agents)

Table 2: Justin Ashe (Gravekeeper’s) vs. Andres Torres (Karakuri Geargia)

Table 3: Nareg Torossian (Zombie Monarchs) vs. Bo Tang (Dino Rabbit)

Table 4: Christopher Tuttobenne (Chaos Dragons) vs. Daniel Vrabel (Agents)