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2014/04 – Las Vegas, Nevada tagged with 'Feature Match'

Round 10 Feature Match: Anthony Eckroth Versus Alejandro Galindo

April 13th, 2014

Welcome to Day 2! These are the top ranked Duelists from Saturday, moving on for the final two rounds of Swiss play. We’ve got Anthony Eckroth, from Salt Lake City, up against Alejandro Galindo from Long Beach, CA. Eckroth’s brought along a Geargia Deck today, while Galindo is packing Fire Kings. Geargia tend to focus on constantly gaining cards, while Fire Kings simply blow cards up. This should be interesting!

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Round 10 Feature Match: Mackenzie King Franklin Versus Denny Yu

April 13th, 2014

One of the biggest surprises of Day 1 was the sheer volume of Raccoon action we saw in Feature Matches.  After a handful of successful Regional Top 8 showings the past two months, Raccoons hit Las Vegas in a surprisingly big way.  Almost as surprising was the strong showing put in by Hieratic variants of all shapes and sizes in yesterday’s Swiss Rounds: the Deck was a constant presence in our Top Table Updates from Round 5 on forward.


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Round 9 Feature Match: Majid Khan Versus Jessie Frias

April 13th, 2014

Majid Khan is here from Lancaster, CA, and he’s using a Chain Beat Deck. This Deck focuses on cards like Wind-Up Rabbit and Evilswarm Thunderbird, which can Chain their effects to dodge card effects. His opponent is Jessie Frias, from right here in Las Vegas. He’s playing a Deck his friends affectionately call Raccoon City!

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Round 7 Feature Match: Jordan Holt Versus Galileo De Obaldia

April 13th, 2014

It’s Round 7! We’re here with 2010 World Champion Galileo de Obaldia! He’s here all the way from Panama, using a Hunder Deck for today. His opponent is Jordan Holt, utilizing the power of Geargia! Each competitor has just one loss, so a win here would give them a great shot at moving into Day 2.

Duel 1

Holt would play first, and Set four back row cards.

De Obaldia began with 2 Pot of Duality, Vylon Prism, 2 Thunder Sea Horse, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He used a Pot of Duality to reveal Black Horn of Heaven, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Recycling Batteries. He took the Black Horn, then used Thunder Sea Horse’s effect to search out two copies of Mahunder. He Set Typhoon, Black Horn, and Pot of Duality.

Holt Normal Summoned Geargiarsenal, and attacked directly. In Main Phase 2 he used Geargiarsenal to bring out Geargiarmor, and turned it face-down. He Set a fifth back row card.

De Obaldia drew Compulsory Evacuation Device. He Normal Summoned Mahunder and Vylon Prism, then Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon, but Holt had Solemn Warning to negate the Summon! De Obaldia Set Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Holt flipped up Geargiarmor and searched out Geargiaccelerator. He Special Summoned it, then used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Black Horn of Heaven! He Xyz Summoned Gear Gigant X, and de Obaldia played Mystical Space Typhoon on Holt’s own Typhoon. Holt Chained that, on de Obaldia’s Compulsory Evacuation Device, and de Obaldia Chained that on Gear Gigant X! Holt Normal Summoned Geargiano Mk-II and revived Geargiarmor. It went face-down, and Geargiano Mk-II attacked directly. Holt Set a third back row card.

De Obaldia drew Pahunder. He Normal Summoned Mahunder and Pahunder, then Xyz Summoned Evilswarm Exciton Knight! Holt used Torrential Tribute, and Exciton Knight Chained its effect. Holt Chained Book of Moon on Exciton, then Chained Call of the Haunted on Geargiaccelerator. The entire field was wiped clean, and Geargiaccelerator added Geargiano Mk-II to Holt’s hand.

Holt Normal Summoned it next turn, reviving Geargiarmor. That went face-down, and Geargiano Mk-II attacked directly.

De Obaldia drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He discarded his Thunder Sea Horse for two more copies of Pahunder, and Normal Summoned one. It destroyed Geargiano Mk-II in battle.

Holt flipped up Geargiarmor to get a new Geargiano Mk-II, and Normal Summoned it to revive the previous one. Geargiarmor went face-down again, and Holt Xyz Summoned Ghostrick Alucard! It destroyed Mystical Space Typhoon, then attacked Pahunder. He Set a back row card. When de Obaldia drew Cardcar D next turn, he knew he couldn’t survive!

De Obaldia made Synchro and Xyz plays almost every turn, even wiping out the entire field, but it just wasn’t enough! Holt’s constant advantage through Geargiano Mk-II and Geargiarmor let him overcome all de Obaldia could do. The Duelists moved to their Side Decks, hoping to get an edge in this next Duel.

Duel 2

De Obaldia led this time with a hand of Mahunder, Pot of Duality, Mystical Space Typhoon, Cardcar D, and Mistake, drawing a second Pot of Duality. He played one, revealing Seven Tools of the Bandit, Solemn Warning, and Thunder Sea Horse. He took the Sea Horse, then used that to grab two copies of Vylon Prism. He Set Mistake, Typhoon, and Pot of Duality, then played Cardcar D to draw Black Horn of Heaven and Seven Tools.

Holt played Geargiarsenal and attacked directly, then Tributed it to bring Geargiarmor to the field. He turned it face-down, played Dimensional Fissure, and Set Black Horn of Heaven, losing it to Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.

De Obaldia drew Recycling Batteries. He played Mahunder and Vylon Prism, Xyz Summoning Consteller Omega. Then, he used that to Xyz Summon Constellar Ptolemy M7! He flipped Mistake, then destroyed Geargiarmor in battle, leaving it banished by Dimensional Fissure. He Set Black Horn and Seven Tools to finish.

Holt Normal Summoned Geargiano Mk-II, reviving Geargiarsenal with its effect, and Special Summoned Geargiaccelerator. He Xyz Summoned Evilswarm Exciton Knight, but lost it to Black Horn of Heaven! He Set one back row card.

De Obaldia drew Fiendish Chain. He used Ptolemy M7’s effect to return Thunder Sea Horse to his hand, then Normal Summoned Mahunder and Vylon Prism. Ptolemy M7 destroyed Geargiano Mk-II, and Mahunder and Vylon Prism struck directly, leaving Holt with 3400 Life Points. De Obaldia Synchro Summoned in Main Phase 2, for Stardust Spark Dragon. Holt tried to use Black Horn of Heaven on it, but it was negated by Seven Tools of the Bandit.

Holt Set a back row card.

De Obaldia drew Mahunder. He used Ptolemy M7’s effect to add Vylon Prism back to his hand, then moved to the Battle Phase. Ptolemy M7 attacked directly, then Stardust Spark was held back by Fiendish Chain. In Main Phase 2, de Obaldia Normal Summoned Mahunder and Vylon Prism to Synchro Summon Scrap Dragon! Its effect destroyed Fiendish Chain, along with his own Recycling Batteries. Holt drew his last card, and conceded in the face of such an imposing field!

De Obaldia evens the score, completely ignoring the threat of Dimensional Fissure! This Match will be decided by one final Duel!

Duel 3

Holt began with four Set cards.

De Obaldia’s final hand consisted of Fiendish Chain, Thunder Sea Horse, Black Horn of Heaven, Pot of Duality, Pahunder, and two copies of Seven Tools of the Bandit. He used Pot of Duality to reveal Mystical Space Typhoon, Mistake, and another Pot of Duality – he took the Mistake. Thunder Sea Horse’s effect gave him two copies of Vylon Prism. He Set everything but his monsters.

Holt Normal Summoned Geargiarsenal, and it struck directly. He Tributed it for Geargiarmor and turned it face-down, then Set a fifth back row card.

De Obaldia drew Solemn Warning. He played Pahunder and Vylon Prism, and Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon. Holt allowed it, and Vylon Prism equipped to Scrap Dragon. Scrap tried to destroy the Prism and Geargiarmor, Holt used Fiendish Chain, and de Obaldia negated it with Seven Tools. He didn’t attack.

Holt played Mind Control! He stole Scrap Dragon and had it destroy Seven Tools and itself! He Set one more to his back row.

De Obaldia drew Pot of Duality, getting Mahunder.

Holt destroyed Solemn Warning with Mystical Space Typhoon, and Set a fifth back row card.

De Obaldia drew Thunder Sea Horse and discarded it. Holt flipped Light-Imprisoning Mirror, but that wouldn’t have an effect on Thunder Sea Horse, since it activates in the hand. De Obaldia got two copies of Pahunder. He played one and attacked.

Holt Set another spell or trap.

De Obaldia drew Fiendish Chain. He played Mahunder, and Holt flipped Torrential Tribute. Seven Tools of the Bandit negated that, and both Ma and Pa attacked directly. He Set Fiendish Chain.

Holt Set a monster and back row card.

De Obaldia drew Bottomless Trap Hole and Set it.

De Obaldia flipped Mistake, and lost it to Dust Tornado. Holt flipped up Geargiarmor, and de Obaldia negated it with Fiendish Chain.

De Obaldia drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He destroyed Geargiarmor with Mahunder, and Pahunder attacked directly. He Set Vylon Prism and Typhoon. In the End Phase, Holt used Geargiagear to bring out Geargiano and Geargiano Mk-II with their Levels increased. Time in the round was called right then, with Holt at 2400 to de Obaldia’s 4300.

Holt Set a card to his back row, then Xyz Summoned Gear Gigant X. De Obaldia activated Mystical Space Typhoon on the newly Set card, then Chained Bottomless Trap Hole. Gear Gigant X and Needle Ceiling were destroyed.

De Obaldia drew another Mystical Space Typhoon. He decided use it, nailing Black Horn of Heaven. He flipped up Vylon Prism, and moved to finish things off in the Battle Phase. Pahunder attacked successfully, Mahunder was sent away by Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Vylon Prism was banished by Dimensional Prison! Holt still had 1100 Life Points remaining. De Obaldia played out Pahunder and stacked both of them for Maestroke the Symphony Djinn in defense position.

Holt Set his last card to his back row.

De Obaldia drew Compulsory Evacuation Device and Set it, then Set Mahunder. Holt flipped Geargiagear in the End Phase for two copies of Geargiano Mk-II.

Holt Xyz Summoned Daigusto Emeral, and it was sent away by Compulsory Evacuation Device! Holt offered the handshake!

Galileo de Obaldia is your winner, with Hunders!

Round 6: Robert Boyajian Versus Albert Vinageras

April 13th, 2014

Welcome to Round 6! We’re with renowned Duelist Robert Boyajian, here from San Diego. He’s using a unique Deck packing Ghostricks and Spirit monsters! He’s up against Los Angeles Duelist Albert Vinageras, who is using Fire Kings today.

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Round 8 Feature Match: Daniel Dominguez Versus Evan Petre

April 13th, 2014

For Round 8, we’ve got two undefeated Duelists from California. Orange’s Daniel Dominguez is here with the power of Prophecy. Evan Petre is from San Marcos, and he’s using Geargia today. Prophecy have taken a big dip in popularity recently, but Dominguez is doing great so far. Geargia, on the other hand, are one of the most popular Decks, and Petre is showing exactly why. It’s magic versus machines!

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Round 8 Feature Match: Jonathan Steffen Versus Elvis Vu

April 13th, 2014

Jonathan Steffen is 6-1 piloting a throwback Dino Rabbit Deck, while his opponent Elvis Vu is running Mythic Rulers.  Both strategies aim to make powerful Xyz Monsters in single-turn plays, Steffen with Jurrac Guaiba and Rescue Rabbit, Vu with Dragon Rulers and Mythic Dragons.  Could oldschool stylings overcome one of the rising star strategies of this weekend?  We were about to find out!


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Round 7 Feature Match: Michael Klasel Versus Chancy Wigglestove

April 13th, 2014

Chancy Wigglestove and Michael Klasel are both veteran YCS Duelists, and both are undefeated sitting at Table 1 here in Round 7.  This is fast becoming the defining matchup of the weekend: Wigglestove is playing Mermails, while Klasel’s running Geargia.  The outcome of this Match may very well set the pace for the rest of the Swiss Rounds.


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Round 6 Feature Match: Jonathan Nasca Versus Morgan Adams

April 13th, 2014

Morgan Adams is undefeated here in Round 6, holding a 5-0 record with Harpies.  He’s not the only Harpie Duelist with a 5-0 or 4-1 record at this point in Day 1, so this seemed like a great opportunity to see how Harpies deal with some of the more popular strategies in competition.  Adams’ opponent, Jonathan Nasca is running one of those very decks.  In fact, he’s running what may be the biggest deck of the weekend – Mermails.  Let’s see how this matchup plays out.


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Dragon Duel Feature Match: Steve Zepeda Versus Michael Marrero

April 13th, 2014

It’s the final round of Dragon Duels! Philadelphia Duelist Steve Zepeda is undefeated so far, using his Bujin Deck. He’s facing off against local Duelist Michael Marrero, who’s harnessed the awesome power of Exodia the Forbidden One! Can Zepeda’s slower paced strategy win before Marrero accumulates all five Exodia pieces?

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