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2014/04 – Mexico D.F. tagged with 'Dragon Duel'

Young Friends Reunited

April 6th, 2014
Zach, Marco, Maria (Marco's mother), Alison, Patrick (back), Ben and Desmond (front)

Zach, Marco, Maria (Marco’s mother), Alison, Patrick (back), Ben and Desmond (front)

For those of you who were watching the live stream of the World Championship 2013, you may remember two Dragon Duelists, Benjamin Leverett from the US and Marco Ruiz Campos from Costa Rica.  Well, they’ve kept in touch since the World Championship, and their families decided to meet up again, here in Mexico City!  Alison Leverett, Ben’s mother, took a whole crew to Mexico – her other son, Zachary, Patrick Hoban and Desmond Johnson.

Ben and Marco were both playing Mermails this weekend.


Saturday’s Dragon Duel Winner

April 6th, 2014


Jonathan, Cristian, Martinez, Miguel

Jonathan, Cristian, Martinez, Miguel

12-year-old Miguel Cante came in fourth today with his Fairy Deck.  He’s been playing now for a year and likes looking at all the different art on the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.  He’s having a lot of fun at the YCS today.

Alejandro Martinez is 13 years old and came in third.  He’s been playing now for 3 years, and came with his Karakuri Deck.

In second place was Cristian Gutierrez.  He’s 12 years old and is really enjoying the current format because he gets to Duel against different type of Decks.  He came with his Blackwing Deck today.

In 1st place was Jonathan Barajas, the 12-year-old wielding a Battlin’ Boxer Deck.  Quite impressive, as he’s only been playing for the last 8 months.